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Reji is a digital assistant that helps retailers personalise sales and service

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The GREAT retail paradox


In person commerce can actually be woefully impersonal! Many bricks and mortar retailers know far less about their customers compared to online competitors.

If you don't know your customers, how can you serve them?

Reji connects you to your actual customers


Reji is a digital assistant (built on Facebook Messenger) that enables retailers to personalise in-store and online sales and service based on a customers social profile and purchase history.  

We’re essentially the antithesis of garbage dump filling impersonal catalogues, boring loyalty programs and badgering email campaigns.

Retailers use Reji to deliver more personalised offers, in-store and... everywhere

Personalised offers... super fast

It’s super fast and easy for customers to receive personalised offers, record their purchases or subscribe to loyalty programs using the Reji Facebook botSay goodbye to forms!


Retailers connect using Reji and then contact customers using the Reji bot or any way they choose!

Customers will 'thank you' for using Reji

Reji provides on-going benefits to your customers as well as the tools they need when problems arise during product set up, failure or recall.

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Personal sales & service

Delight your customers by using Reji to deliver more personal offers and tailored service that improves engagement and strengthens relationships.


Help is only one-click away

Customers use Reji to access receipts, helpful product & service information and support with just one-click… no fiddly searching required.


Transparent & trustworthy

With Reji, customers have the tools to manage their details and connection preferences easily and quickly, increasing customer data quality and currency.

Reji maximises customer happiness and minimises distress when things go wrong

More personal, better results

Develop your in-store data driven marketing, turbocharge existing retention and acquisition marketing campaigns with more customer data, and use Reji to embark on a new era of engaging personally with your customers.


Better data

Know your customers, improve the data quality of your CRM, ERP and social systems and use insights gathered to enrich acquisition and retention campaigns.


Harvest the benefits

Closer connections enable tailored up-selling and cross-selling, and the gathering of customer reviews to improve the acquisition of new customers.


Better retention

Customer connections using Reji are stickier than existing email newsletter based loyalty programs because the customer uses Reji to store purchase history.


Reduce cost to serve

Organisations use Reji to cut costs from their service channels through better customer records enabling more efficient handling of service requests.

Turbocharge your existing acquisition and retention campaigns with more customer data

Go circular


Forward thinking retailers and manufacturers are looking at ways they can re-use or repurpose their products after customers have finished with them, seeing the economic and social opportunity to implement ‘circular economy’ strategies.

Reji is an enabler of the circular economy by helping partner retailers and manufacturers form direct product-based connections with their customers. Reji is the perfect tool to guide and incentivise customers to return products for re-use or repurposing.

Direct product based connections with customers enable retailers to make the circular economy work

Is Reji suitable for my organisation?

Reji has a laser like focus on helping organisations connect with their customers and communites, engage with them more effectively, and improve customer retention and value.


All businesses that sell, distribute or make products can use Reji to increase sales and retain more of their customers. The possibilities are as exciting as they are endless!

Reji's mission is to make the world more personal, one transaction at a time!

Connect with Reji to learn more

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Would you like to personalise your sales and service? Connect with Reji at hello@rejiapp.com or by using the contact form below.

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